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Attention to quality, understood in its broadest sense, has always been part of the culture of Forge Nicromo.

In fact, since 2005, the year in which Forge Nicromo took its first important step in certifying its processes, the company has pursued, as a corporate strategy, the achievement of “Total Quality” both in terms of Processes and Products.

For Forge Nicromo, Quality is a philosophy which, involving more and more all the actors of the Organization and the Company’s staff, has become Total Quality over time.

Total Quality, for us, strictly translates into the satisfaction of our customers and the pursuit of certain cornerstones values aimed both externally (Customers/Suppliers /Stakeholders) and within the company (Organization/Work Environment) .

Forge Nicromo is committed to supporting its profitability by providing the highest level of quality and safety throughout the entire production cycle and at the same time ensuring the lowest possible impact on the environment. This attention has led to obtaining the ISO 14001 qualification which guarantees the organization maximum respect for the environmental aspects related to the production cycle.

Environmental Quality Policy

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Security policy

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Uniformity Certification for heat treatment Furnace

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