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Our Values

Professionalism and experience forged over time, are our soul and our strength.

forgenicromo dinamico


The main goal of Forge Nicromo is to listen and interact with the customer, adapting to its needs. The company is able to follow and satisfy every client need, providing a product that fully complies with the required characteristics and times.

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Forge Nicromo has the great advantage of being able to supply a wide range of materials, whether they are forged or laminated, without quantity or size restrictions. The company can manage small or large orders internally, always guaranteeing a high-quality standard.

forgenicromo precisione


In today's market, where competence and professionalism are increasingly in demand, Forge Nicromo does not accept compromises. Our products reflect the customer's requirements from every point of view: dimensional, chemical and mechanical.

forgenicromo visione


Forge Nicromo aims to become a leader in its sector, a point of reference on which the customer can always rely for his own projects.

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Forge Nicromo's commitment is focused on optimizing all the available resources, achieving maximum efficiency in production and non-production processes.

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Forge Nicromo aims to expand its customer base, increase daily productivity and reduce production costs.