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Forge Nicromo has always paid particular attention to the quality of its products without compromising.

The company is firmly convinced that the final quality is given by the attention and care given to all product manufacturing processes, starting with the communication with the customer.

The staff dedication, combined with the continuous desire to improve, has allowed Forge Nicromo to enter in the vendor lists of the most important international suppliers of the sector and to participate as a sub-supplier in the most prestigious projects worldwide.


All processes are constantly monitored and recorded in the computer system of Forge Nicromo. This allows to always have traceability about all the production phases of the forgings, without time limits. In this way Forge Nicromo can give to its customers, in any time, precise and detailed information on the processing phases of the forgings and on the final delivery of the products.

Each piece produced is identified and the traceability is guaranteed in all processing stages (from the initial ingot to the finished product).

Raw material

All the raw material used by Forge Nicromo for its products is purchased in accordance with well-defined specifications, drawn up on the basis of many years of experience in the metallurgical sector to fulfil the increasingly restrictive requests of customers. The steel variety available in the Forge Nicromo warehouse, combined with the partnership created with its suppliers, allows us to ensure a wide availability of stock material, or its possible availability in record time. Upon the arrival at the factory, all the steel is subjected to routine checks and, only when it is declared suitable for its characteristics, is it introduced into the company’s warehouse, consequently entering the production cycle of Forge Nicromo.